I tell you, I would rather have a calendar and a to-do file than to not have anything happening in my life, but once in a while, it is nice to not have so much going on. There are the things I want to do that are so fulfilling like having lunch with family or friends, making changes to my house decor. Then there’s the necessary stuff like regular checkups and paying bills. But there are other things that I just groan about having to do that are necessary. Then I think to myself that at least I have the money to pay the bills. I have the brain power to think and plan and carry those things out. I am mobile. I can take walks. I can go places on my own. I have loads of fun stuff to place in between those not so fun things. I have three wonderful daughters, wonderful cousins, wonderful other relatives. I have a great little dog although at times his eating habits and stomach issues worry me. I have internet. I have phone. I belong to groups. I could go on and on and on. One day some of the things I do today I will not be able to do in the future. Who knows? I feel deep gratitude for the ability to do even the smallest thing or have the ability to get the help i need when there is something I cannot do. Giving thanks today with a grateful heart.

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