I love my dog! Ollie is so cute and funny – so entertaining. He is a happy little dude this morning racing about the house, bringing me things to tussle with him or throw for fetching. The impish expression of his eyes when he is trying to think what to do next or the puzzlement look when he is trying to figure out what the heck Mama is saying brings out chuckles of delight within me. Like Tarzan swinging through the trees, he goes from one activity to the next until his body tells him it is time for a change or a rest or a nap. How simply and how naturally he lives. As I type this he tired of his chew toy and is sitting at my feet staring a hole through me which means “You figure out what I want.” He sometimes stalks his prey/toy or sock like a cat, pounces on it and runs triumphantly with it in his mouth, as any victor would, then rolls over on the carpet with it kicking his legs in the air doing a happy dance on his back. What a gift he is!

Can you look around you today and find the love, the gifts and the the blessings that you may have overlooked?

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