Back when my children were small we sold our house and moved out in the country in the house we were building, in January, in Georgia. Can you say freezing weather and wrong time to move? The house was a shell. The walls were up but I didn’t have a kitchen sink. To my husband’s credit, we did have one working bathroom and some heat but little else including no frig. We were pioneering in the middle of modern society. For a special added twist, the only water we had was from the well and you guessed it, the pump froze so for a while, we had no water. Did I mention it was freezing cold that time of year?

When the well was being dug, our money was a bit tight and it cost us a bunch for every thousand feet they had to dig to hit water. Five thousand feet later, they hit water. Yes, it was a pretty deep well and costly to us so you can imagine to have the pump freeze and we couldn’t access the water, was, let’s say, disappointing to say the very least. We quickly learned to insulate the well and enclose it in it’s own little house. It was a very trying time for all of us but we learned to get through it and I swore I would never move into an unfinished house again.

Since I was raised in the Baptist religion, I got a lot of Bible scriptures which now make a lot of sense to me because I can truly see them from a Spiritual view point unattached to any religious sect. I bring this up because I remember the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. She offered him a drink of water from the well and Jesus told her that there was water that she could have from a well that would never run dry. I now know where that well is and I know of the water that will never run dry. There is a “well” deep inside of each of us whether or not we are conscious of it and it is filled with nothing but endless Love. Whether you draw out a teaspoon, a cup, a bucket full it is complete and full of all there is. Once you learn how to dive into it, you will no longer need the teaspoon, the cup, or the bucket.

How deep is your love? How deep is your well? If you are loving only with your own effort, that is, you still give and receive love as a learned behavior, that is good; however, if you have a very deep well of love that you consciously know and feel and experience within you, this is even better and this well will never dry up unless you abandon it, freeze the pump, or shut off the outlet.

Keep priming your pump with your desire and by your letting go of all the walls you may use to protect yourself from your fears. Use prayer, meditation and any other practice that you find personally effective to keep that well open and flowing properly. Whatever you do, don’t die of spiritual thirst when the love and the well is so deep that it is endless.