Consider this as an example of toxic people or situations. Noah is in the ark filled with animals and a few people and the woodpecker comes along and begins drilling holes in the ark. If Noah doesn’t stop the woodpecker, he and the others are going to risk downing. He doesn’t want to kill the woodpecker, but he does want to prevent harm, so he (lovingly) uses a net to try to keep the woodpecker from doing anymore harm.

Toxic jobs, toxic relationships, and toxic situations do not have to call for desperate measures but you do have to use common sense and love as your guide as to what to do to keep yourself safe and sane. It is also a great time for self-examination. What part am I playing in this scenario? If this keeps happening in my life, what beliefs, attitude, unhealed pain in my life or patterns may I be addicted to that is making a contribution to these kinds of situations? Every situation that seems toxic should start with self-examination and a willingness to first know yourself.

Toxic people, jobs, and other toxic situations can also be a clue that you could be doing something better. It could be that this job, for example, is a clue that I need to go into another way to make a living. This toxic relationship may mean that you have to give up trying to be everything to everybody. Maybe it is time to close the book on that chapter, Maybe it means I need to put some physical distance between myself and this other person. In any case, you can learn something from it and the other person has the same opportunity.. If it is a job situation, it can afford your co-workers the same opportunity to clean things up or go another way.

In my life, I have been a magnet for damaged people, addicted people, people with psychological problems (wounded birds so to speak), or people who think differently, people who think outside the box or who are rebels of some kind. – people who don’t fit the norm. (As an aside, this does not mean I do not mingle with or am a magnet for the people or situations that fit the norm.) I know I was called to be a healer but I tried doing it without first healing myself. The thing is, in my attempts to heal others, I was also healed. While I was making every effort to heal myself and understand myself, I found that I could better help others or know when to give up trying to help. Perhaps your calling is a different one. Perhaps your toxic situations will lead you down some path that you need to take that you would not have otherwise. Maybe having toxicity in your life was to help you grow your wings or to stand up when you have always cowered. Whatever is happening always includes an invitation to love yourself and to take that love with you into whatever toxic situation in which you find yourself. It’s the loving thing to do and you do not have to kill the woodpecker.