Time on my hands oh what shall I do

Write in my blog or sing a song or two

Shall I play a memory inside my heart or head

Shall I try to block those out or let go of the dread


Shall I watch the Sago bloom much to my delight

And watch as the babies grow with water, love and light

Shall I play go fetch with the fur baby of my heart

Or watch the palm sway with the wind until it is dark


Shall I type the words spilling out of me onto the page

Or shall I throw kisses of love into the valleys of hate and rage

Shall I gentle pet the world with thoughts of the divine

Or watch the dancing sun with dazzling rays of shine


Shall I sit among the dead and speak my words of life

And mourn for those who cannot hear and struggle with their strife

Shall I dance gracefully through every blessed day

And shall I find the words I know when there’s nothing more to say.