just because one breaths in and out, works at a job, takes a shower, cooks or/and eats a meal, drives a car, shops. goes to church, belongs to a group, rears children, and participates in other activities does not mean that they are truly living or are truly alive.

How often do you just trudge through the day with your mind so full you don’t notice the brightness, the colors, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the feel, and the wonder of it all? Start making a habit of stopping now and then to appreciate what is around you. Maybe it is a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Maybe it is hearing a baby laugh. Maybe it is a delicious meal or snack. Maybe it is a couple holding hands or a child sliding down a sliding board. Maybe it is the way your cat or dog is playing or sleeping. Maybe it is hug from a good friend. Just be with it, notice it. Don’t try to hold onto it. Just be in the now.

Perhaps you are experiencing something painful or hurtful or full of anger. Maybe you are witnessing someone being unkind to another. Maybe a company you do business with is trying to shaft you. Maybe someone walked out on you. Maybe you can’t stretch your money far enough or your job is killing you this moment. Pleasant or not, just be with it for a moment. Allow it to be what it is without over reacting or trying to push it away.

Allow the feelings that you don’t enjoy as well as the ones you do. Be alive. Be with it for it all passes leaving you with feeling as though you have truly lived. Expect to “see” more of the beauty and the beast will not frighten you or upset you so much. You will find that you will know what to do, how to do it and when to do it regardless of the experience. Live now right in this moment. Let it flow through you and breathe in the peace.