Love is everywhere. We sometimes miss it because we are looking for it in a specific form or forms we are familiar with or forms that are giving off love to us. Sure, a hug or kindness from someone feels really, really good but when you are feeding your pet or you catch the morning sunrise or the colors in the sky as the sun sets that also is a love moment. When you watch a funny program or hear or read a joke or a pet does something funny that’s a love moment.

When I used to go visit my paternal grandmother we often shared some toast and honey over a game of Chinese checkers. Was I experiencing love? You bet I was. My grandmother treated me like I was a great friend, someone she derived pleasure from spending some time with and hanging out together. She often showed me a dress she was making or just finished making or something she crouched or knitted. She patiently and happily taught me how to play some songs on the piano or praised me for things my piano teacher was having me practice. Loving moments? You bet they were. I was accepted for myself and treated as though I mattered. She was teaching me about love and I was learning about love. I can wrap myself up in those memories and feel safe and warm and comforted as I was then.

 You are entering or exiting a store and there is one door in or out and you hold it open for the next person or they hold it open for you and smiles and thank yous are exchanged. Did you catch that moment of love? Your big dog comes over and lays his head on your lap and looks up at you with adoring eyes. Bingo! Love just walked all over your heart. Your cat or your small dog jumps up next to you and wants to be near you. You may think that they are asking for love and maybe they too want a sign of your love but perhaps they are giving you an opportunity to give love and it is in the giving of that time and energy of yourself to your pet that you also receive it.

 The above mentioned are just small examples of love being everywhere in different forms and they are sweet and soft and fluffy. They are the kind that are easier to spot. Enjoyment and thanksgiving for these comes easily and quickly. What about the forms of love that you could easily miss or mistaken for anything but love? I will attempt to cover that in “Love is Everywhere Part II”