It is truly Christmastime for anyone of any faith, religion, belief, creed, nationality, sexually preference or orientation, causes, past deeds, or future hopes and dreams anytime of the year when they recognize that all they are are Energy – loving, peaceful, powerful, joyful, quite, noisy, rambunctious, ever moving Energy in form – regardless of whatever labels, demands, or judgments they may place upon themselves, others or events. Any moment that anyone recognizes this, the gate opens, the jail door swings wide and they step into a freedom they never knew was so near, so reachable, so indescribable.

I wish for each of you that the precious gift of Christmastime may become alive and conscious within you. You do not have to have certain beliefs about Jesus or Buddha, or any form whatsoever in order to become a CONSCIOUS, ever moving, and free creation. Neither would your disbelief in any deity or form of religion or spirituality be an obstacle from experiencing the Energy that you are. It doesn’t require that you name It or worship It but rather that you become conscious of It and allow It to work in, as, and through you as you.

May you continue to experience the transformation from your Pinocchio puppet existence so that you can cut the ties of your socialization, indoctrination, and expectation so that you may become REAL and FREE at last in the Spirit of Love.