BABES IN THE WOODS: Growing into our spiritual bodies

Pure LOVE knits us in our wombs so that is what we are made from. Whether or not our physical parents loved us or wanted us That Which Formed us made LOVE (us) out of nothing at all. We are complete and whole and perfect in every way as babies of Pure Love no matter how our physical, fleshy form takes shape and no matter what we seem to become as we grow physically.

Soon after birth we are taught the ways of the world and this teaching goes on throughout our lives. As this process happens we lose more and more of the awareness of Love or That Which Formed us. Some to more of a degree than others. This formation of the world is necessary in order for us to be able to navigate through the “new world” in which we find ourselves. We then need rules and laws and consequences because we are no longer operating as awake and aware Love Babies in our purest form. Those who become Christians or become some other denomination are introduced to their spiritual book which contains spiritual truths but in allegorical and mystical language that are seen more as laws, rules and consequences rather than the words of Love spoken to the heart. Others see the way some of us who follow a religion and talk about God behave and notice that people don’t always practice what they preach. We may notice that, in fact, they are more narrow of mind and remain babies spiritually so we either find our own way or we deny the existence of this one they call God. Places to hide are in the intellect, although, this is not to say that all who take the intellectual path won’t get back to their original Self and become a more enhanced form of human – a matured spiritual being.

Those of us who pay attention to the emptiness that comes with being a trained human and living through the bumps and grinds of the human experience may find that there is a desire to somehow find our way back to our original, innocent state. We keep that desire in front of us like the carrot before the horse, moving forward trying to get that carrot and feeling that we can’t reach it. Why is it that way? Because if we think we have gotten the carrot, we will indeed fall short of the mark. We never really quite maintain our spiritual self but as long as we are in human form we work towards the marrying as it were of the spirit and the flesh. We become one with ourselves first, then we can see our oneness with everyone and everything else.

Meanwhile as this process takes place, this getting back to Love, we stubble around like toddlers. In a sense we mess in our diapers, we bump into things, we lose our balance, we stub our toes, we cry with unhappiness, we cling to others to find comfort and sometimes we do pretty nasty things because we are angry or our brains have little hiccups during which time we hurt others one way or another. But no matter how much we stumble around and mess our diapers it doesn’t change what we really are. So keep on keeping on, Babe in the woods, and you will experience Love again.  You will experience who you really are again. You won’t be sorry. Let me just say this, you are the cutest thing I have ever seen even as you throw your tantrums and run like a crazy person through your terrible two’s, three’s, four’s…you get the idea.


People in Georgia and other pockets of traditional and fundamental churches often want to know what church you go to and they mean “What are your beliefs” or “Are you a Christian?” and the tail on that donkey is “Are you saved?” It makes me think now this Sunday morning just what am I in the categories of religious beliefs. I think I am now, at this point in life, a Mystical Christian and yet I would like to drop the word Christian because if often conjures up ideas that others have about that word. To say I am a mystic, well maybe that comes closer to describing my Spiritual orientation. I have been through the “fires” and learning experiences of traditional churches and “new thought” churches as well.

First I was raised in a Baptist church got in touch with “Jesus” there. Later I was drawn to the Catholic church but years later realized that it was the mystical core that I was drawn to. The solid pillars upon which that church stands are those who have trod the mystical way. Though little is said about those pillars in the church itself and no one much delves into the mystics of the church nor are encouraged to, it is the glue that has held that structure together even as it may creak and crack. Being the quiet rebel that I am, I did delve into all of that. Soon after that I found that the church structure was like a worn out garment that was too small for me. Ah, but the mystics of that church and the mystics of other persuasions were unspoiled and unsoiled by the structure and called to me in a voice so familiar.

As I now think back to when I decided to join the Third Order of Discalced Carmelites years ago, which is a secular order of the Order that St. Teresa of Avila belonged to, it was the mystical side of Christianity or Catholicism that I was drawn to. I still have the Scapular that I received when I joined the Order. I don’t do the Office nor follow The Rule of St. Albert but at heart I am a mystic.

In our world of names and categories, we get our label gun out and proceed to stick them on everything and everybody. I guess as humans we just can’t help it. After all, we have to have something to hold onto or we think we will float off into unfamiliar territory and that scares us. For some it is extremely important to add to that label, “Okay” or “Not Okay”. What follows is more duality and more separation between us.

The mystics are the ones who experience things that others cannot comprehend with Western thought. The mystical way is too abstract, to nebulous, too unexplainable. The mind can’t wrap itself around it so the Western mind puts into place that which can be comprehended better, is more tangible and makes more sense to the intellect like rules and a n attitude of the right and only way to God or Spirit.  I do not condemn these, I just say that I cannot personally abide in such a narrow and small space.

What has this to do with love? Actually it has a lot to do with it. No matter whether you take the more traditional way or the mystical path your job is to find or awaken to Spirit and the Love that is always there for you to rejoice in and to share with others. The unconditional love you seek is alive and well. We see moments during a disaster when people put aside their prejudices and work together side by side to rebuild and out of those ashes the Phoenix arises. But after things are back to normal, that time when we loved unconditionally, is forgotten.

When you love and accept others and accept your perceived flaws and theirs and when you put aside your needs, ideas, and beliefs, LOVE steps in and sweeps you into the world of mystics.