Studies have shown that when several people are questioned about an accident or other event, each give a slightly different version of what happened.   Have you ever attended a movie with others or had a conversation with other people who went to see the same movie (or television program) that you saw and found that there were different things others saw that you missed or things that others interpreted differently from your interpretation?

As we experience something, we see or interpret it through the filters of our upbringing, our experiences or better yet, our interpretation of those experiences, socialization and much more.  For example, we have needs that may or may not be clear to us and these “needs” drive our choices and reactions.

I think that if you understand that we all have filters through which we experience and interpret life, life may still not make sense to you but you probably can live better knowing that your world is yours and other’s have their own when it comes to how we respond to and interpret what we “see”.   Perhaps you can lessen your angst and increase your tolerance level.


I wonder if you ever get to the point where you “know” and then you find it hard to break out of the silence to try to convey what you know? I wonder what this writer will do with that skill of writing? Rumi fell into poetry. Others have written it in story form from fiction to non-fiction to mythological conveyance. A writer who is true to his or her craft can only truly right from his or her point of view about anything at the time when the writing is happening. That NOW is captured and plugged into a level of understanding that can only be interpreted by the reader’s understanding at that particular time of their reading of it. I cannot tell you how many times I have either re-read or watched again a movie, or thought about either of these a time down the road and my understanding was completely different from the first time or I caught something I totally missed before. So whether you read or you write or you do both, know that everything is unfolding and changing and becoming more alive, more understood to the core IF you are awake, aware, alive, and have the desire to see what you may not have seen before. Open mind. Open heart. Swallow it all and expand, expand, expand.