We are often thankful for the people in our lives who are kind and loving and we give thanks for their being in our lives whether it is for a moment, for years, or for a lifetime. What about those whose presence for a moment, for years, or a lifetime who have not been loving or kind or who kept getting into trouble and looking for us to bail them out? What about those who have betrayed you in some way? What about those who mistreated you, even abused you? What about those who have done things or said things that are totally contrary to your beliefs or ideas of how one should be, what one should or should not do, or should or should not say? What about those who may have snubbed you or left you out of the loop? Can you be thankful for them?

In my lifetime and yours, we will have people come into our “space” and we will experience pain, sadness, and sometimes anger. Maybe later we will feel regretful in some way or another because of what went on in the encounter. But it is when we begin to see that we are who we are and we don’t know why people say or do the things they do. We don’t know their story – not the entirety of it and what triggered off or is triggering off their reactions and decisions.

We really don’t have to know but sometimes it helps to know and understand better why someone might be the presentation of them that they are at any given moment. What we can do, however, is as quickly as possible reflect upon our own reactions to these people. Why are WE having this feeling or reaction to them? Because if we don’t understand what makes us tick, how can we possibly understand that other people are driven by things, just the way we are driven by different things, to behave or respond to events and challenges they way they are?

Do you just stand by when someone is going off like a time bomb or stay in situations that are not healthy? No. Should society allow others to continue to harm others when they are convicted of doing harm? None of us want that but can you find that Love inside of you that sees through what they have done while at the same time knowing that you or society can not tolerate the actions of this person? Can you REALLY know that but for some divine grace you could be that person or worse? Can you hold both of those ideas of the spirit and the flesh? It is possible but no matter how much you may want to do this, there will be times when you find it very hard indeed to do so. Some of you may not even want to learn to do so and that is okay but the consequences of that choice will not allow you to have the higher level of joy, peace, and love that you could be experiencing, Not that this is not present in your life, but you will not be able to experience it quite as well. It is like being in fog. You can see but not very well.

When the desire to be more than you are, to experience that awesome place or state of being, overcomes your personal and society human indoctrination you will truly give thanks for everyone and everything that has appeared and will appear in your life.