Something MORE was calling me to go on beyond all the beliefs  I had. Something MORE was telling me that any religious faith was just one stop on the trip. It didn’t end at Easter, at the resurrection. It called me to get back on that train if I truly wanted to actually do something with all that. How many times does one need to make the trip to the altar or to a confessional? Don’t misunderstand please. I am not saying that these or other rituals or beliefs are not important for some people at some point in their lives and if that is where they stay, I am not wanting to drag them away from there.  It is not my job to drag anyone anywhere and it is not my job to try to convince those who do not believe in a Creator to believe in one even if it is one of their own making.

My “job”  (if I have one) is to allow the Creator to move through me, in me and as me.   I believe that that was what Jesus did and others have done before and after Jesus.   Before that could begin to happen, I had to desire that the infinite and divine power of love take hold of me, get my attention and make me fall into It. This Love has been blooming within me since then and will continue until the day that my essence will no longer occupy this corporal body.  My job isn’t to share all this but Love has to be expressed through all means that it can find an opening.  I can’t lock it up.  It expresses through me in my writing and in the everyday things that I do and think.

From my Christian upbringing I could hang out at the stable waiting for the birth or I could hang out at the tomb waiting for the resurrection. But why hang out there when I can hang out anywhere and carry and nurture that Christ essence, that Power, that Love within me? Why not awaken to the Power within? This Power does not intend to make us super human, worshiped by others, held on a pedestal with palms and adoration laid at our feet but rather this Power is to make us ordinary humans doing super things from an empowered heart.

If you can set aside your belief about whether or not there is a God or if you believe there is, if you can set aside your “version” of God for just a moment or two and take the time (if and only if you are drawn deep within to do so) open yourself to the LOVE that you can believe in, you may be surprised what will happen to you. The stone may roll away and you will arise from your “tome” of self pity or self loathing or self aggrandizement or whatever your belief about yourself, your situation, and your life and about the world and others, no matter what that may be. You may ask to become Love Itself and if you mean it, you will. This doesn’t mean your road will be without potholes, unfamiliar territories, wrong turns, bandits along the way, or unfairness. But Love will hold you, hold your hand, whisper words of encouragement, rock you to sleep when you need to rest, and set you back on the road. What have you got to lose for trying? Belief systems can impede or enhance your journey. It is your choice. It is a choice I have made to surrender to the Love within and I have not regretted it one moment.





I was just thinking about all the friends and relatives I have in “real life” and those I have on the social media side of life and how much I love them all no matter how they express themselves, their lives, their beliefs or the things in which they do not believe. How could I possibly do that? How could I love others when we don’t have the exact same beliefs, principles, likes, dislikes, behaviors, ideals, or understanding about God. God to me is a very broad something that encompasses all, knows all, and is everywhere present. It to me God is that something that bursts forth into material being, material objects, the things seen and unseen, the mystery, the knowledge, the talents, and even those behaviors which do not fit the norm or acceptable. That’s pretty broad and encompassing would you not agree? Love knows no limits. And if indeed, God is Love then Love is my religion. 

Love (you may insert God, Goddess, Jesus, Christ, Great Spirit, The All That Is, The Great I Am or any word that expresses your belief – it is all the same) can burrow right through all the barriers we erect in IT’s name. Love, understands what our own human capacity cannot. Love sees beyond our limited views. Love finds beauty and worth where we see wrong, ugly, distasteful, sinful, abnormal. Love never shuns someone who is loved because of the rules of their religion. Love accepts that we do not always agree with one another even about something as miniscule as how to properly scramble eggs and presents no case in any direction regarding the “right” way. Love understands that as human beings we make choices about what to do and how to do it because we have a need to have something to believe in and cling to so that we can know what and how we are to live life. It is the rare human being who knows that he does not know. It is the rare human being that knows that she does not know and accepts that. It is rarer yet to find one who leaves open the heart for the things that they do not accept as their own truth. 

Love has many perspectives and is open to all possibilities. Love’s policy, I believe, is to live and let live giving others their own space, their own journey without damning them to hell or to punishment for not sticking to the one perspective or concept of God or the non-existence of such a Presence, that you do. 

Love is simply Love. It expresses through us, in us, and as us. It brings forth all the forms of life there is. It folds us into ONE even when we pout, fold our arms and say, “No!” It is has many perspectives. It enjoys chaos and uncertainty because Love knows that within all things is peace if we just let go. Love is the one thing that matters, that sees us through, that binds us, that carries us. Love is my decision and my religion.