When a new little human enters the world we just go all puddly. We just melt; we get excited; we wonder at the wonder; we speculate about what this child will be and what she will become. So innocent, so vulnerable to the moldings of those who will influence her life. Regardless of the exposure to indoctrination of outside influences, if this child is truly loved – not spoiled with things or her way, but loved, truly loved, wanted, and made welcome by those nearest to her – she will thrive in spite of some of the blows that living the human condition could do to her. She will learn to come to appreciate how different she may be even from her own family and she will complete the plan that will unfurl by the breath of Spirit like a flag in the breeze.

Love brought her into this world. Love will sustain her. Love will carry her through the ups and downs of the highway of life. Love will hold her hand. Love will keep her head above water. Love will light her way. Love will guide her. Love will give her life. Love will accompany her all the days of this human experience and one day Love will deliver her into other arms that will welcome her arrival into that world beyond this.

Love is the answer to any question that may form – always in all ways.