I have had the whole house open today. I am enjoying lots of sun and breezes and I am enjoying the outside while sitting in the inside. A little bird has been sitting out in the back yard singing his cute little head off most all day. The bird’s song reminds me of total, ecstatic and blissful joy and happiness. He just sings and sings and sings like there is nothing else in the world. Do you wish you could get so rapt in something so blissful like that, to be able to sustain it like that, to just open up and let it pour out like stardust sprinkled in the air? You can even when you are not aware that this is what you are doing. You miss it because you may judge it wrong or not perfect enough. You may think it is so mundane that you miss knowing the mystical and fantastic thing that it is. Or, you just take it for granted. The cure? Awareness. Do more watching of your thoughts, desires, feelings, actions (your very aliveness) without judgement and you will become more aware. Here’s to watching the golden stardust glittering and pouring from you, around you and through you.


Did you ever reach the point in your life where there are so many things to learn about, to see, to smell, to touch, to read, to think about, to just gobble up because they are so interesting, exiting, and stimulating? I feel like a dry sponge wanting to soak it all up. I don’t want to spend my time cleaning house or doing my income tax. I don’t even want to know about the politics going on either but I know that this part of me that rebels against such things must also accept that some of these nasty time eaters are to some degree necessary. I also realize that for some people, a spotless and neat home is what they enjoy creating so why compare myself to them? Taxes? Well, the IRS is not people friendly enough but just decide you won’t spend you time digging up all the necessary paper work and keeping it forever and they can get really ugly.


But I grab all the other things I consider goodies and wondrous things I can. Like this morning I took Ollie out to do his thing. It is a very dark and gray morning and early enough that it is quite. I could hear Ollie sniffing as we walked along this way and that. A very gentle breeze was blowing – not too warm; not too cool. In a nearby bush, song birds were trying to cheer the gloomy day. Across the golf course, there were other noisy birds having their say which was a bit rancorous in comparison but part of the morning symphony. For a moment I just stood in awareness and let those things pass through me leaving their perfume.