I need to she said as she sat in her chair

I need to she said as she patted her hair
I need to she thought echoing in her head
I need to she urged with feet made of lead

I should she vowed and forced a smile
I should she nudged for a long while
I should she scolded with fiery flame
I should she screamed I hate this game

I must she pledged with a whisper so low
I must she moaned but moved not a toe
I must she whined like a child so small
I must she groaned but meant not at all

I wonder she began with questioning eye
I wonder she said with a lighter sigh
I wonder she repeated and looked deeper
I wonder is it mine, is this one a keeper

I love she said to make things alright
I love she pondered is this my plight
I love she thought but is this truly mine
I love she thought but perhaps it is thine.