Last night I climbed into bed (because I am that short and the bed is that high) I opened my book, read a while and bid the light a good night as the time keeper called out the time of eleven thirty. I went off to dreamland where I’m neither here nor there until I heard the sky rolling out peals of thunder. It begged me to awaken. It was still not quite light outside. I wondered what time it was but sleep closed my eyes and I cared not. Later when sleep began to leave me and the consciousness of my material life coaxed me to stir and arise, I greeted my dog who lay beside me, rubbed his ears and petted him with love. Finally it was time to know what the keeper of time had on his numbers. It was nine twenty in the morning. Almost ten hours of sleep for me. Imagine my shock because I never sleep like that unless I am sick or under anesthesia. But ah, a rainy day doth make for a nest in which to curl and dream of a land far, far away.

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