If you were like me growing up and even beyond sometimes all you wanted to hear from someone you loved and trusted was things like, “It’s okay”, “It’s alright”, “I’m here”, “I love you”. We like to think that no matter what has happened to us; no matter what we have done or said; no matter how different we are; no matter how unbelievable the story or situation, that someone cares. We want to know they are listening; they believe that it is real (for us if not for them); that they are with us; that even if they don’t understand, they are standing with and by us; that they love us no matter what; and that things are going to be okay, going to alright.

That is just so soothing and calming. First of all, though we may know that we are not alone and though we may know that the Power within us is with us (call this Power God or Love or whatever you wish), we want or need to feel it coming to us from another person or other persons in our darkest or scariest moments. We are never too old or too young or too brave or strong to not have moments like this.

Often times children or adults won’t talk about what they are going through or what has happened to them or is upsetting to them even though they crave to have someone put their arms around them and assure them in some way or another that everything is alright. It may be that they are afraid they won’t be believed or that if they are believed it may cause a worse problem. They may be called crazy or stupid or they may be abandoned in one way or another. Children still need people to take care of them until they can be on their own so they may worry about what the parent or person upon whom they depend will think or do. Will this person of these persons punish them. leave them, treat them like they are abnormal and need fixing, disbelieve them, disengage from them or make the situation worse?

As an adult, I have often looked to people who have been through something that I am going through or about to go through, to say something encouraging. I want to hear that I will survive it even if I know deep down somewhere in some part of me that I will get through it. Sometimes just to hear that other people have had some of the same experiences or problems is a blessing in itself.

A child needs to be scooped up in the arms of their parent when they are scared or hurt or upset or in pain. They need to hear soothing words. Adults need to hear soothing words and words of wisdom. We know the difference when other people’s words are empty or flung out with no great care and we know when they have true understanding and compassion.

The other side of the coin, is when you need this and don’t get it and have to somehow manage on your own. Perhaps not right then but latter, when you have come through it, you will see how you have changed for the better or could have, had you known how.

Come to the arms of Love and do not question in what form or from whom you will receive the knowing that everything is going to be, or is in fact, okay and so are you. I’s not only alright but it is all right.

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