I have a few Buddhas around my house. I have a few owls too. Both Buddhas and owls are inside and outside. I have more owls than Buddhas. There are people in this world who would not think a thing in the world about my owls but would react unfavorably to the Buddhas. Think about that for a moment. I am not a Buddhist but a statue of Buddha reminds me to be peaceful, to meditate, to be loving, and to be accepting. People who might have an issue with that probably have not read much about Eastern religions or Eastern thoughts. To me Buddhism is not a religion but a way of life, a way of living. Christianity should be the same and not a religion. Christianity should also be about being peaceful, loving, forgiving, and accepting rather than following rules and being offended by other ways of being a spiritual being.
Think about this also. There are people who are not necessarily practicing a Christian religion who put up Christmas trees, mangers, Christmas lights and decorations at Christmastime. Not putting them up does not mean you are not Christian neither does it mean that you are not accepting of other people’s beliefs if you are not a Christian.
Taking this a step further, I also own a couple of pairs of rosary beads and have a Bible in my home. No Buddhist would be offended or react negatively to those things unless they didn’t understand their own system of belief.
I don’t know do-do about calculus. Heck I can’t even spell it without spell check. So you won’t find me being offended or upset with people who do understand calculus and higher math and are gifted in that area while I am more right brained and artsy. Yeah, I know it is not a subject like religion or spiritual belief systems but you get the idea. Same principle.
If I put a Buddhist or other spiritual symbols in my front yard, I may have some complaints made against me. If I put out anything Jewish, I imagine the same thing would happen. If we have objections to spiritual objects other than the one that is the symbol of our own, we have to ask ourselves HONESTLY, why we do. Now in my gated community there may be bylaws of the community that does not allow certain things done to or around a house or yard such as color or size or what not. We have lamp posts we have to always have functioning to turn on at dark. I have no problem with that, But if you are decorating your yard or home with things that are not against the homeowners’ association, then said decor should not be a problem for neighbors. People can have their own opinions and beliefs. They can also be uninformed because they have already formed an opinion and are closed to any other possibilities. I say live and let live. If my neighbor is not hurting anyone, then please for the peace of God, let them alone.

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