All I really want to do is to curl up with my pup and allow sleep to visit and carry me wherever it has a mind to go. Am I depressed? No. Is something bothering me that I want to escape? No Do I feel sleepy or drugged? Yes. Not enough caffeine and on medications? That could be the reason and yet the reasons for it and other things that happen to us do not always have a reason we can point to in an accusatory way. But does that stop us from wondering why or what caused something? It does not stop us at all. To be inquisitive is our nature. We want to know how we can either avoid or to recreate these things that happen. We are life junkies and the control freaks of varying degrees.

Following good health practices, strapping on those seat belts, applying that sun screen and looking both ways at intersections cannot guarantee protection. Life is a crap shoot. We all know that. Does this mean we do not need to be sensible, follow directions, pay heed to laws of both man and nature, or try to avoid mistakes? Of course not. It just means do your best and then be prepared to handle it if the train goes off the track

2 thoughts on “WHY?

  1. You do need that rest right now. At varying times our bodies need something that perhaps we have not been able to understand. Perhaps we were not supposed to understand at this time. It might just be part of the “through a glass darkly” that is part of our coming into this physical life. As we have often heard in our younger “church speak”, we will understand “by and by”. Please keep on taking care of yourself.

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