All I really want to do is to curl up with my pup and allow sleep to visit and carry me wherever it has a mind to go. Am I depressed? No. Is something bothering me that I want to escape? No Do I feel sleepy or drugged? Yes. Not enough caffeine and on medications? That could be the reason and yet the reasons for it and other things that happen to us do not always have a reason we can point to in an accusatory way. But does that stop us from wondering why or what caused something? It does not stop us at all. To be inquisitive is our nature. We want to know how we can either avoid or to recreate these things that happen. We are life junkies and the control freaks of varying degrees.

Following good health practices, strapping on those seat belts, applying that sun screen and looking both ways at intersections cannot guarantee protection. Life is a crap shoot. We all know that. Does this mean we do not need to be sensible, follow directions, pay heed to laws of both man and nature, or try to avoid mistakes? Of course not. It just means do your best and then be prepared to handle it if the train goes off the track


It is Sunday July 20, 2014. Another Sunday ticking away just like any other day. They are all Sundays to me. I carry my church inside of me and it goes wherever I go every day of the week. I did all the building-type churches for most of my years. I loved it for the most part and certainly got a lot out of those experiences. Those experiences are part of who and what I am today. I still step into one of those buildings now and then and reach for evidence of the Spirit there; but, all I really have to do is reach inside of me and stroke the connection I have to all that is and I can be satisfied fully there or here or anywhere.  The photo that accompanies today’s blog is one I took of the church built into the rock in Sedona, AZ.  If you don’t take Spirit with you, it’s just another structure built on rock.  If you are aware of Spirit within you then everything is a spiritual experience.

When I am giving love to and petting my dog Ollie it is a spiritual experience.  When everything is Spiritual, that is, of  Spirit,  then everything becomes Spirit/God/The All That Is.  and I am then always “in Church”. I am always aware. God/Good/Love/Allah/Jesus or whatever name you give to THAT which is, is everywhere at all times present. This is not to say that going to church, belonging to a spiritual group of any kind is not something a person needs or should experience. Until you have done your spiritual quest and have run out of reasons to regularly attend a church or religious assembly, then you are doing exactly what is right for you. For anyone in this stage or place, I say please keep going because that is where you need to be. God knows where you need to be. I certainly do not know where you need to be.

Your very Spiritual Essence is who and what you are and can be expressed in so many different ways, I cannot begin to wrap my mind around the different stages, expressions, and ways that Spirit can be expressed in, as and through each person and event. These expressions come from the ONE, the wellspring from which all comes.  It takes forms, transforms, and recycles inside and outside of the bounds of time.

Be that unique expression of God, of Spirit, no matter whatever form that is.  Know that Sunday is a special day that one can have every single day whether or not you go to the place you call church.  Sunday is the most special of days. — Brenda A Elliott, MSW


Sometimes understanding why someone hurts others helps you to just sit in understanding rather than hurt. It gives you a space in which to make a more informed and intentional choice about how you want to react. It gives you a chance to decide whether or not you will fare well being around this person or people like them. You may even find that being around them might be good for their welfare. So, if you are so inclined and if you can handle it give it a try.

This space I speak of is not an element of time but rather a suspension from reactions, judgments, and self-talk that pops up whether or not it is wanted when people do or say mean or hurtful things. It takes practice and sometimes the response to these people is so automatic, it is in your head and most likely out of your mouth before you can open the space of suspension. In the end each person must decide for him or herself when or if enough is enough and to decide whether or not you want this person in your life. If you do it for the right reasons and not out of anger or hurt I think it will be better for you. I have no scientific proof of that. Take a leap of faith. I promise it won’t hurt.